Istanbul’s beauty has made it a magnet for people from all over the World for several decades.

Excluding domestic tourists, approximately 12 million people visit the city each year, particularly from Germany, United Kingdom, United States and Russia. Istanbul’s strongly competitive tourism sector is based on its unique juxtaposition of natural beauty and a diverse, historical, cosmopolitan and exciting city.

Istanbul 8th Most Visited Destination in the World

Priceless moments in the timeless city Istanbul offers a pristine natural and historic setting, world class dining and nightlife, luxurious accommodations and a variety of one-of-a-kind attractions. The city is also a magnetic location for tourists searching for alternative destinations. The city maintains its dynamism and brightness the whole year through various tourism types. There is always an opportunity to make the best use of time in Istanbul with a combination of alternative activities suh as culture, congress & event, cruise & yacht, health, golf,, sports and many more are ready to get explored in the city. Tourism in Istanbul is a major industry and contributor to the Turkish economy, attracting 11.95 million tourists (Mastercard 2016), which yields the city to become the 8th most popular destination in the world.