Financial services sector employ more than 83 k people in Istanbul. This workforce is highly educated and loyal, with relatively low turnover due to Istanbul’s quality of life.

A robust, diversified economy and a favorable tax environment make Istanbul’s financial services sector highly competitive. Moreover, activities in banking, insurance, pension funds, international financial transactions and venture capital investment are exceptionally competitive.

47 Local & International Banks Operate in Istanbul
(Banks Association of Turkey - February 2017)
3,084 Bank Branches
(Banks Association of Turkey - June 2016)
86,986 Employees in Banking Sector
(Banks Association of Turkey - June 2016)
5.8 million Active Internet Banking Customers
(Banks Association of Turkey - December 2016)

Borsa Istanbul: Benchmark for Investment

Borsa Istanbul, aka Istanbul Stock Exchange, offers the opportunity to invest in various products in an organized, transparent and reliable trading environment to local and international investors with its modern technological capabilities. On all markets of Borsa Istanbul, transactions are conducted electronically, and market information is disseminated on a real-time basis.

Cooperation with World Stock Exchanges

NASDAQ and Borsa Istanbul have signed a partnership agreement recently, which aims to expand Borsa Istanbul’s global presence, while substantially strengthening Istanbul’s position as a regional hub for capital markets. Borsa Istanbul will therefore integrate and operate NASDAQ OMX’s suite of world-class market technologies for trading, clearing, market surveillance and risk management, covering all asset classes including energy contracts. Further, the two companies will actively collaborate in the region. This strategic partnership points to a longterm commitment which would benefit member firms and customers of both exchanges.

World-Renowned Financial Institutions Select Istanbul as Regional Headquarters

Progressing towards EU membership, by its regional location, Turkey is also a country of significant economic size for the Middle East, Central Asia, North Africa and Eastern Europe. The International Finance Corporation, the World Bank’s finance arm, now has its largest Office (outside Washington) in Istanbul, from where it manages business with over 50 countries in Eastern and Southern Europe, the Middle East and North Africa. Istanbul has the potential to become an important center for gathering the financial resources of the region and redirecting them to the above mentioned regions.