Creative Industries

As emphasized in 2014-2023 Istanbul Regional Plan, the potential on creative industries should be utilized with the current knowledge, skills and qualifications of the human capital.

The creative industries, which are determined to be fostered in Istanbul, shall be listed as cultural fields, traditional cultural products, performing arts, audio and visual publications, new media, creative services, design, press and publications, and visual arts. The emphasis on creative industries is helping Istanbul to distinguish itself from other global counterparts and compete internationally.

# of Movie Theaters: 778 (Turkstat, 2015) # of Movies Released: 16,096 (2015
# of Theater Stages: 224 (Turkstat, 2015) # of Turkish Shows
Performed on Stage: 8,299 (Turkstat, 2015)
# of International Shows Performed on Stage: 2,841 (Turkstat, 2015)